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'50 Minutes' of cult recording artists to care for the victims of torture


profits to: “The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture”
released on Exercise1 Records, 30th October 2006

Take 50 amazing cutting edge cult recording artists like Daniel Johnston, MC Lars, Jeremy Warmsley, Emmy The Great, Ladyfuzz, Trademark, Hot Puppies and Piney Gir from the coolest labels like Transgressive, Truck, Fierce Panda and Drowned In Sound. Ask each of them to record an exclusive track exactly 1 minute long for an extremely good cause; The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture.

Take all 50 never before released tracks and put them together on one 50 minute CD. Give it a catchy name; “50minutes”. At the same time make the whole thing available as one big digital download and you have one of the most interesting and worthy record releases to be offered to the discerning music fan – ever [well this year at the least].

Huw Stephens at Radio 1 has been playing one track a night every night on his Radio 1 show until he’s played the whole thing! The album is now on The NME Stereo as well...

Full tracklisting:
Trademark - “The Return”
After Christmas - ““A Step”
Grand Mal - “Gimme A Minute”
Sennen - “Hard To Take”
Amycanbe - “My Ring”
Jeremy Warmsley - “The Boy Cried Love”
Piney Gir - “Sugar”
The Bobby McGees - “Please Dont Dump Me”
Dons Mobile Barbers - “Constant”
Tom Hatred - “The Turning Point”
The Playwrights - “ The Monkey”
Captain Black - “See Me Swinging…”
Simon Mastrantone - “Most Ungrateful Son”
Akira - “How To Live A Better Life…”
Chris McMath - “GMT”
Emmy the Great - “Big Water”
Ladyfuzz - “Abendrot”
El Alto - “ Lazy Susans Good Health”
Attack + Defend - “ Diamond Pig”
Half Rabbits - “Does Not Compute”
Will Sartain - “Pissed on The Carpet”
Mr G and Rich - “Life And How Not To Live It”
The Death Set - “Intermission (edit)”
MC Lars - “If I Had A Time Machine…”
Le Tornoi - “This Time Around”
Headland - “Hate Monsters Love Shirts”
Foibles - “Shoe People Unite…”
Jareth White - “Dont Wanna Go…”
Unit - “ I Dont Mambo”
Roland Shanks - “Ashes”
Action Plan - “Man of The House”
Hot Puppies - “I Left My Heart”
Youthmovie - “Oh! Magic Sleeps…”
Pandatone - “Forrest Dreams”
The Coral Sea - “Your Prisons Are Home”
Franc - “Troubles”
Rachel Lipson - “Wise Old Lady”
I Am Jack - “Tessellations”
Hands on Heads - “Lasers In The Jungle”
Plans & Apologies - “Kaputchawoonga”
Laura Groves - “Bridges”
London Beach - “2 By Two”
Morvern Callar - “Lovers Stone”
Transistor State - “Wake Eat Work Sleep”
A Million Billion - “Plum Palm”
Mr Fogg - “Top Of The Pile”
Dead! Dead! Dead! - “Why Risk Death…”
Wry - “When I Go”
Pacific Ocean Fire - “ Death On Yr Birthday”
Daniel Johnston - “You Made My High School”
Picture from Andrew Kendall

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