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Chipmunk, one of the success stories for British music in 2009, is getting 2010 off to a flying start, with the release of a previously unavailable song, Until You Were Gone featuring Esmée Denters. Click here to win a chance to interview Chipmunk on an Alton Towers rollercoaster!

Following on from his first UK headline tour in February, Chipmunk will be releasing a platinum edition of his debut album, I Am Chipmunk, on May 3rd, two weeks after Until You Were Gone. The new version of the album will include a further three new songs. "The new songs give people an insight to where I'm from, my growth and pretty much my current state of mind," says Chipmunk.

Until You Were Gone has all the elements that helped Chipmunk take off so quickly in the first place - it's quality pop with a killer chorus, and Chip's unique character and rhymes to the fore. But despite its uptempo vibe, Until You Were Gone is a song of regret, with Chipmunk lamenting that he 'didn't know how much I would miss ya / I messed up the perfect picture.'

"I had a version of Until You Were Gone and was waiting for the right voice to suit the demo," explains Chipmunk. " I've always been a fan of Esmee's vocals and decided to hit her on Twitter on the off chance and she replied back, flew to England and the rest is history."

Chipmunk's been getting out of the studio and up close and personal with his fans on a string of live dates around the UK. His first headline tour around the UK gave fans a chance to see the Chipmunk live experience. The tour saw a strong line up of emerging talent in support ranging from Tinie Tempah to Daisy Dares You. Those that missed him will be able to catch Chipmunk live during the summer when he hits the festivals.

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