Waldner announces Found & Lost

Out May 9th on Blue Fleur Musik

David Waldner was born in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, to a father who had left a religious upbringing the closed community sect of the Hutterites and a mother who escaped war torn Central Europe. After spending his formative years here, he then spent ten years based in Toronto learning his trade, his instrument and finding his voice.

Waldner has now made London, England his home. Finally settled, Found & Lost contains more than a few references to this nomadic period and to a sense of unrest, to everyday and more open-ended struggles. The belief we can overcome these shines through. The bar is set high with opener “Going Up Against Goliath”, a melodic and welcome introduction to a sound influenced by many but ultimately one of his own. You can hear Waldner bleed the influence of The E Street Band, Tom Waits and fellow countryman Ron Sexsmith. The record contains melancholy, art pop and even stark punk elements. As the inimitable Bob Pollard of Guided By Voices once said, you just need the three P’s, in any ratio: “pop”, “progessive” and “psychedelia” to make a great record. Inflections of all three appear here, along with a little punk spirit for good measure.

Influenced by the fragile and limitless melodies that spring forth from the likes of XTC, early REM, Nick Cave, The Decemberists and The Beatles, there is very much a sense of the considered here. Each song slow-burns its way into your consciousness, mixing sometimes upbeat melodies with decisively off-kilter and often dark wordplay. “Rude Awakening”, for example, is another slice of timeless pop that takes the songwriter template and fills it with melodic devices whilst musing over the complexities of fulfilment; something anyone who has hit their late 20’s and beyond can inevitably relate to. As well as serving up the punches elsewhere, the likes of “Wilderness” only serves to highlight the bruises.

While in his native Canada, David Waldner played in the likes of The Frontier, The Margraves and as a solo artist, performing at festivals and making television appearances in the process. “Found & Lost” however is his true introduction, providing a fully personal insight to a fine songwriter. A late bloomer by his own admission, his debut album is delivered exactly on time. 2011 seems as good a year as any to welcome a new, all too worthy artist to your collective table with open arms.

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