Tracklisting for Florence + The Machine announced

Florence + The Machine have confirmed details of their second album, Ceremonials will be released on October 31 2011 on Island Records. It features ‘Shake It Out’ which is confirmed as the lead single, along with 'What The Water Gave Me’.

The album will be available as the primary 12 track album or a deluxe 20 track double album, which includes brand new recordings, previously unheard demos and acoustic versions of ‘Heartlines’, ‘Shake It Out’ and Breaking Down’.

1. Only If For A Night
2. Shake It Out
3. What The Water Gave Me
4. Never Let Me Go
5. Breaking Down
6. Lover To Lover
7. No Light, No Light
8. Seven Devils
9. Heartlines
10. Spectrum
11. All This And Heaven Too
12. Leave My Body

Ceremonials Deluxe additional:

13. Remain Nameless
14. Strangeness & Charm
15. Bedroom Hymns
16. What The Water Gave Me (demo)
17. Landscape (demo)
18. Heartlines (acoustic)
19. Shake It Out (acoustic)
20. Breaking Down (acoustic)

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