The Winchester Club celebrate new album release with a party!

Epic post-rock act The Winchester Club are to celebrate the release of their new album Negative Liberty with a party at London's CAMP Basement on the 23rd March. Find out more info on the album below and check out a track from said record here!

The Winchester Club return with their second full-length, Negative Liberty.

Just like its predecessor Negative Liberty is a work of epic instrumental post-rock, which builds from delicate drones, looping guitar figures and field recordings, through to crescendos of layered distortion. Well structured and thought rhythms sweep around layers of guitar work and xylophone pings. The metaphoric picture of sinking into music is often used but rarely so adequately perfect as a description like it is for this album. The deep organics and natural expression of the sounds on Negative Liberty make this an absolutely outstanding release in a field that seemed to be harvested completely.

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