The Music Fix Premiere: iET shares new video 'Inhale Your Love'

The Music Fix are pleased to premiere the video to Inhale Your Love, the new single by Dutch artist iET taken from her EP 'Inhale', due for release on 6 May.

Including this single, iET's EP contains three new mesmerizing songs, one of them featuring Dutch fellow artist and good friend Pink Oculus. The EP will be released worldwide digitally through Spotify, iTunes and most other streaming media.

You can check out iET's video below, followed by details on the artist and her EP.

Inhale is iET’s first release after the full length psychedelic soul album So Unreal, which was a joint venture with New York based Grammy award winning engineer/producer Russell Elevado (D’Angelo, Erykah Badu). With Inhale iET set off for a more alternative, intimate and direct sound, playing most of the instruments herself and sculpting the soundscapes with her soulmate and partner for life Budy Mokoginta. Russ Elevado, an established grand master of sound, praised the authentic and wide ranged vocals of iET, her adventurous compositions, her ability to shape her sound with many different instruments, but most of all her capacity to touch the heart of her listeners with honesty and purity, turning her music in, as Russ would say, a true and valid piece of art.

On Inhale iET fashions her enchanting songs with a collection of vintage instruments, most of which have been in her or her families possession for most of her life. Her very first guitar, trumpet, a double bass inherited from her uncle Sas and a recently acquired Schimmel: an upright piano dating back to 1930 (featured on Love is Love) are all employed to bring this unique album to life. Though iET never played the piano before she had an instant resonance with the instrument, resulting in many piano songs which will be featured on her upcoming full length album. iET recorded all the songs in her own studio with a collection of vintage microphones, preamps and effects gathered by Budy, adding a wealth of warmth to her sound.

iET, born Marjan Alise Theodora van Viegen, grew up in Elst, a small village in the Provence of Utrecht in the heart of the Netherlands. Raised under a Christian tradition and a small town community, iET discovered early on that music functioned as a means to transport herself to a different reality where she could shape her own world with sound through imagination and the power of will. Armed with a guitar, a trumpet and a stunningly beautiful voice she gradually sought to connect with the world and share her music. After releasing her first EP, The Kitchen Recordings Series 1 (literally recorded in her own kitchen), she started to work with different artist that she felt related to resulting in The Kitchen Recordings Series 2, featuring amongst many others UK artist Szjerdene (Bonobo) and the aforementioned Pink Oculus (featured on Love is Love). She eventually caught the attention of Russell Elevado who offered iET to make an album together, resulting in So Unreal.

So Unreal was the embodiment of her musical dream world resulting in a kaleidoscope of sounds and styles, performed by her and her band and brought to sonic heights by Russ Elevado (producer, engineer).

iET’s next full length album is already in the making and is anticipated to be released September 2016

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