The Invasion Of.. the Libertines drummer

Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things drummer Gary Powell has announced details of a brand new project he is working on called The Invasion Of...

The 5 piece, completed by Andre Bayuni, Julian Bayuni, Neil Montier and vocalist Robin Coombes of acclaimed British hip hop group Taskforce, are set to release their debut mini-album 373 through 25 Hour Convenience Records on October 4th.

The Invasion Of... Powell takes on the roll of main contributing composer of the music, with Coombes contributing his unique approach to lyric writing. Fans of Powell’s previous bands are sure to be pleasantly surprised by their ever more eclectic style of rock ‘n’ roll, prog and krautrock as Gary explains;

“Starting The Invasion Of... was a real leap of faith not only in myself, but the soon to be members of the band. It would have been easier for me to set it up with other musicians from other bands and follow their lead, but instead I decided to get things going with friends, regardless of their musical background. It has worked out better than I could have ever imagined as the musicians I play and work with have surpassed my wildest expectations.

It has been a big ask to expect the guys to take their own leap of faith in me, but they’ve done it and brought along their own ideas, emotions and overall dynamic determination into the mix which has really helped shape the mad ideas we have into something cohesive Imagine if Chuck Berry in his youth had started making music in today’s day and age, he would be making music like us.”

The full track listing is as follows:

1) The Invasion Of Venice
2) Delusional
3) Memories
4) In Like Voodoo
5) Pedantic Romantic
6) Devilish Ways

The Invasion Of... will be appearing live at Proud, Camden on August 3rd.

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