The Ian Watkins trial: day two

The trial of ex-lostprophets vocalist Ian Watkins began yesterday (Monday 25th November) at Cardiff Crown Court.

Day Two

Correction to yesterday's report: one of the three accused has pleaded guilty to the charges against them. They will be sentenced at trial's end.

Potential jurors have been told the names and occupations of some of those likely to give evidence during the trial. They include police officers, forensic scientists and computer analysts. Case will discuss key locations, including hotels in Cardiff.

The morning's schedule was delayed due to private discussions between defence and prosecution lawyers and presiding judge.

Afternoon session: The prosecution agrees to drop the most serious charge against Watkins, with the result he pleads guilty to a raft of charges including conspiring to rape a minor, aiding and abetting the assault of a minor, and various charges of possessing and taking indecent photographs of children. His co-accused also plead guilty.

With the guilty pleas, the trial will not now take place. Sentencing is expected week commencing 16th December.

Some details of the case are explained to the court, including recordings and messages between the accused.

Day One

A panel of 22 prospective jurors were warned the trial would include "very graphic material", as Watkins and two co-accused (who cannot be named for legal reasons) face charges totaling 32 sexual offences, which they deny.

Justice Justice Royce warned the jurors: "Often members of the jury have to listen to or view evidence which is very distressing or unpleasant. This is irrespective of the guilt or innocence of the defendant. This case involves allegations of sexual abuse of very young children and will involve the viewing of very graphic material."

He added: "This case is to be tried on the evidence you will hear in court. It is very important that you do not carry out any of your own research."

Potential jurors were warned not to look at details on the case on internet. Those who ignored the warning would face prosecution, he said.

Before adjourning, Justice Royce said the trial was scheduled to finish by 20 December. If it runs over into the new year, proceedings will pick up again on 6 January.

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