The Good Gods! have caught the sun

‘Lying On Our Bright Red Backs’ is the latest single from scrubbed up indie-popsters The Good Gods! The song sets the tone for summer Saturday afternoons. The gentle drum beat builds to a crescendo of infectious guitar hooks, a catchy as hell bassline and Tom Hatreds quirkily brilliant and instantly recognisable vocals “Will I ever get to see the sunshine? Or will I forever burn my back?" an elegant sentiment that rings true to the best of us.

The Good Gods! have a hands on approach that is a true testament to their grassroots attitude. Their previous single was an awesome cover of Robert Palmers ‘Addicted to Love’ with a video full of long limbs, taxidermy sheep, ducks and a lot of crawling (it really does have to be seen to be believed, check it out on Youtube).

The band who formed little over a year ago consist of Tom Hatred (vox, guitars), Ed Seed (drums, vox) David Hardy (bass, vox) and Duncan Brown (guitar ). Tom the singer and primary songwriter of the band cut his teeth writting songs with Emmy The Great and more recently lent his vocal talents to the first Noah and The Whale album. After the hype of nu-folk died down Tom decided to do something with a little more substance. He enrolled the talents of Ed Seed of The Mules and David Hardy who is a sound engineer by day and an bassist extraordinaire by night. Duncan Brown has recently added his unique guitar style to the band giving them a little something extra live and helping them to fully realise their sound in the studio as well.

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