The Big Top 40 launches a huge Golden Ticket competition

The Music Fix has joined up with The Big Top 40 to give you the opportunity to win big prizes every week and every month in their exciting new Golden Ticket Contest.

Each week there will be a code released on the Monday which relates to the Big Top 40 Chart Show presented by Rich and Kat the following Sunday between 4-7pm. The code will comprise of an artist and a song name and as soon as you hear that song on the show, go to The Big Top 40 Show and enter the code while the song plays to be in with a chance of winning.

Big winners will be chosen at random on a monthly basis with runners-up draws every week. The weekly winner gets every track from the Top 40 as a special download package and the lucky monthly winner will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet up with a Top 10 artist, rubbing shoulders with A-grade pop royalty.

This week’s code is: Diana Vickers, Once

As soon as you hear the bizarre mix of classical and Casio keyboards and the former X-Factor contestant’s waifish gasps, rush to the Golden Ticket site and try your luck.

We’ll be announcing the codes on The Music Fix every Monday of the contest and putting reminders on Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed!

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