Ten Kens Aim For Posterity

Ten Kens
For Posterity
Formats: CD / digital
Release Date: 30th August 2010

FatCat Records are proud to present For Posterity, the second album from Toronto four-piece Ten Kens. As the title suggests, this release sees them looking to the future, and the band have pursued a distinct artistic vision that takes inspiration from a range of disparate genres and movements, from the meditative experimentation of Psychedelia to the immediacy of Hardcore, steering them towards a bold new sound that is truly unique.

Whilst For Posterity is a very different beast to the self-titled album, many of the elements that yielded such a critically well received debut still survive and are enhanced. Ten Kens continue to be an idiosyncratic band that find delight in toying with the listeners expectations, often at multiple points within a single song. ‘Johnny Ventura’, the first track from the new album is a prime example, introducing a Roky Erickson-like howl from Dan Workman over the top of a crushing guitar riff, before stopping abruptly for a brief ethereal mid-song interlude, perfectly demonstrating the bands ability to juxtapose quiet introspection with unabashed belligerence.

Having built up a reputation as a fearsome live act, Ten Kens are set to widen their remit for the release of the album, with US and European tours currently in the planning stages.

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