Swedish artist Tom Redwood releases debut single 'I've Fallen For You'

Swedish artist Tom Redwood releases his debut single I’ve Fallen For You on 1 April via Sony Sweden.

The enigmatic Swede marks his entrance with these 3.17 minutes of blissed out electronica. The narrative that is unveiled is the beginning chapter of a relationship that will unfold over the release of future singles. A literal musical journey. A man of few words, the poem below encapsulates the meaning behind the track, ‘I’ve Fallen For You’.

I’ve Fallen For You – Tom Redwood

Ten steps are ten too many.
I try to pretend, but you know I am transparent.
Like a shadow, I am proof of someone’s existence.
For what shadows lack, is the ability of expression.

Pulled by the gravity, I began the chase.
With every step I took, you picked up the pace.
When I was beyond the point of return, I knew.
That I had fallen for you.

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