Special CD/DVD package from Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara follow their 2009 album Sainthood with the November 14th release of Get Along, a special DVD/CD package that compiles three films with a live CD album.

Get Along offers viewers a rare look into the lives of Tegan and Sara Quin. The first film, ‘States’, is a 30-minute documentary that uses American touring footage and interviews with Tegan and Sara as a backdrop to illuminate their early career beginnings and connection with their fanbase. The second film, ‘India’, is a 25-minute documentary shot during Tegan and Sara’s first-ever tour of India, using interview footage with Tegan, Sara and a cast of family and friends to chronicle thier reflections on road life. The third film, ‘For The Most Part’, is a 70-minute stripped-down studio concert, shot before an intimate audience of seventy-five fans, friends and family over two days at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.

‘Get Along’ will be released in three formats. The first is a DVD/CD package that includes ‘States’, ‘India’ and ‘For The Most Par’ as well as audio CD of the fifteen live tracks that feature on the DVD. The second is a D2C collection that includes the three films and live concert audio, plus three signed lithographs, two digital "instant gratification" (Yeah, me neither - Ed.) tracks (live versions of ‘Back In Your Head’ and ‘Wake Up Exhausted’) that will be delivered upon pre-order at www.teganandsara.com and two digital bonus tracks (the previously unreleased Chuck Brody remix of ‘Northshore’ and a live version of ‘I Bet It Stung’) that will be delivered on November 15th. A digital version of ‘Get Along’ will also be available via iTunes.

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