Sleeping Bags/Mystery Claws split 7"

August 16th Jodie & Victor


The Sleeping Bags are a band based in Long Beach, California. Theirs is a post-shoegaze sound influenced equally by guitar bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride as well as proto German avant-rock projects like Harmonia, Neu! and Ash Ra Tempel. Sonically, the songs bleed into one another— overlap, repeat, disorient and return with missing structural pieces. The musical complexity is complimented by a visceral, overwhelmingly loud live sound that translates to their recorded work. The Sleeping Bags catalog was recorded live over a two day period in the summer of '09.


Mystery Claws is a Los Angeles-based duo, consisting of Matt Kivel, music critic and co-songwriter for symphonic indie rock band Princeton, and filmmaker/musician Julia Bembenek. Largely influenced by the country-folk tradition of Southern California -- albeit the frayed edges of that tradition more than its mellow middlebrow -- the pair are just as keen to explore unexpected turns of melody and crashes of distortion, paying just as much attention to the sudden eruptions as the steady grooves. “Life Can Be So Long” hearkens back to Bob Dylan’s mid-’70s works, “Knock Upon My Silent Door” brings to mind the image of Patsy Cline being mugged by Thurston Moore, and album closer “Phony Checks” is a propulsive pop tune that owes as much to The Replacements as The Gun Club.

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