Silver Columns on the road

Yes, you may already know that Silver Columns are, in fact, Adem and the Pictish Trail, and yes, you may already be aware of their deliciously idiosyncratic take on electro pop, with songs such as their upcoming belter of a single “Cavalier” absolutely captivating listeners with their mischievous refusal to play by the rules; zigging when others are zagging, twisting when others are turning. But what you may not have known is that they are also a formidable live band in the making, and they are taking their brilliantly unique show on the road this summer.

Having made a low-key (albeit sweaty and raucous) live debut at a nightclub during the Scottish music festival Homegame last month, Silver Columns are about to prove their live mettle during a string of exciting live shows and festival dates across the UK ahead of their debut LP “YES AND DANCE”, to be released by Moshi Moshi in the Summer. As the band have already proven in the past, it’s best to expect the unexpected – Silver Columns, delightful contrarians that they are, would most likely just go ahead and surprise you anyway.

The single “Cavalier” is released on 17th May
The album “YES AND DANCE” is released on 31st May

17 – Ginglik, Shepherd’s Bush Green, w/ Justin Robertson
17 – Live instore @ Puregroove (Record Store Day performance)
02 - Camden Crawl, London
13-15 - The Great Escape, Brighton
02 – Stag and Dagger, London
29 – Green Man Boat Party
14-18 – Beachbreak Live
09-11 – Lounge On the Farm
19 – Lovebox Festival, London
19 – Green Man Festival, Wales
09 – Bestival, Isle of Wight

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