Silver Columns are Always On

SILVER COLUMNS release a new single “Always On” on September 13 on Moshi Moshi backed with a Caribou remix.

From the press release:

“Always On” is a pop song alright – and an instantly addictive one at that – but it is also shot through with enough of the pair’s trademark whimsy and idiosyncrasy (cascading vocals, shimmering beats, Euro-pop basslines paired with dreamy, floaty vocals) to make you fall head over heels in love as well.

Equally exciting is the fact that the single comes backed with a gloriously sprawling, thrillingly dense 9-minute remix of “Always On” by Caribou, who is being rightly feted at the moment for his own opus “Swim”. Caribou take Silver Columns’ perfectly formed gem of a song and turn it inside out into an epic psych-pop odyssey, unearthing hitherto unexplored corners and crevices in the original and bringing shiny new surfaces to light, perfect for sticky summer nights and the mornings after.

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