Roberts and Lord want you to spin their Windmill

Roberts and Lord, the new project from ex-Simian man Simon Lord and Rafter Roberst, have revealed the video for their debut single 'Windmill'. If technicolor leotards and angular indie-pop are your thing, then check it out below.

Roberts & Lord - Windmill from Josh Hassin on Vimeo.

A supercombo team-up between Simon Lord (of Simian) and Rafter Roberts, the Roberts and Lord duo present their Asthmatic Kitty debut Eponymous!

Roberts' rough and grimy (yet complexly arranged) analogue backing tracks paired with Lord's clean, digitally-recorded vocals, gives these songs a tricky kind of depth that is immediately engaging. This effortless juxtaposition reigns throughout these 35 some-odd minutes.

Influenced by nonsense verse poets like Ivor Cutler and Edward Lear, Lord gives us a simple, light-hearted return to innocence, a goodly love for good love, the capital F feel-goodness compressed into a chorus, the sweaty exuberance of a solid dance party with all your friends around you.

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