Rare Elvis Presley material unearthed

A rare press conference by Elvis Presley accompanied by his father Vernon Presley, that took place the day before his legendary four nights at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1972, has been included for the very first time as part of a new version of Elvis Presley: Prince From Another Planet released via Sony Music.

In one of the last press conferences that Elvis Presley would do, just five years before he died, Elvis spoke of his desire to perform in Britain. When asked if he would play abroad Elvis said:

“I’ve never been to Britain, I’d like to, very much, I’ve never been out of this country except in the service”

The rare footage has been unearthed and added to this brand new anniversary edition, as recorded live at Madison Square Gardens. As well as the two CDs which feature the Saturday show of his long-awaited New York residency, the bonus DVD features hand held film of his afternoon show and a documentary. This 1972 concert was the first time that Presley had played in New York, despite his career starting 15 years earlier. It would also be his last.

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