Randolph Swain release single 'The Aginners' from forthcoming album

Manchester's Randolph Swain have shared new single The Aginners, taken from their forthcoming album 'Eris' due for release later this year.

TMF can't wait to hear this new album, recorded by the band: Sam Taylor, Steve Nicholson, Fitz and Craig Rostock at Bury's Redwall Studios, and to checkout one of their unique live shows, which reportedly feature a spacesuit. In the meantime, you can join us in listening to their single and reading about their background below.

The Randolph project was initially based on 3 concept albums..tracing Randolphs departure from earth, journey and arrival on a new planet ..Eris, a dwarf planet which is 96 AU's from the Sun. In our first Album (New Planet 2014) we see Randolph's dissatisfaction with Earth and humanity and his struggle to leave what he considers a dying world. In the second Album (Half Life 2015) we track the perils of space and the wonders of the cosmos.

The back stories for each song are on our award nominated website www.randolphswain.com.. the songs are about adventure, love and loss..(as are most songs) but also reflect Randolphs deep seated belief in humanity and the human spirit. Some are are strong metaphors for randolph's fears and beliefs. In 'The Outside' Randolph has to take a dangerous spacewalk ..but also a reminder of the authors battle with agoraphobia. In 'Marianne' a female cyborg is created to observe man's emotions..but was written as a anti-violence statement. 'Dont get caught in that hole' could be both about the dangerousness of getting too close to a type B black hole..or a insight into adultery.

Here is The Aginners story:

Like all space heroes Randolph has an arch enemy ..The Aginners..they rule with an Iron foot..(they don't have hands to make fists)...its either their way or no way..imposing their own twisted reality on the innocent..delivering advice based on a fake precept that bad is good and good is bad... in this latest encounter the Aginners try to break Randolph's mind with a series of photon torpedoes armed with non sense and ridiculousness.

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