Quest For Fire display Lights From Paradise

Toronto-based psych rock band Quest For Fire’s hotly anticipated sophomore album, Lights from Paradise, shall be released on November 8th, 2010 via NYC’s Tee Pee Records.

Formed in 2007 from the ashes of garage-pop bastard-greats The Deadly Snakes and hardcore / crust band Cursed, Quest For Fire delivers “far-out trippiness” via long-form songs, distended, leaden riffs, heavy psychedelic swirl and solo-based jams that evoke memories of classic underground blues and garage rock from the '70s.

Quest For Fire’s Chad Ross (guitar, vocals) and Mike Maxymuik (drums) were members of the recent touring band for Steve McBean's Pink Mountaintops, and the connection between the Canadian rockers was continued when Quest For Fire teamed up with the like-minded Black Mountain for a string of summer tour dates.

“’Lights from Paradise is a heavy meeting of all the music we love,” says Ross when asked for comment on the forthcoming record. “It's filled with wide open spaces of dreamy hard rock, quiet sweet moments, and pounding psych straight from the Canadian heart."

The track listing for Quest For Fire’s Lights from Paradise is as follows:

1.) The Greatest Hits By God
2.) Set Out Alone
3.) Strange Vacation
4.) Confusion's Home
5.) In The Place of A Storm
6.) Psychic Seasons
7.) Hinterland Who's Who
8.) Sessions Of Light

The album features a guest appearance by Sophie Trudeau of Montreal’s Thee Silver MT. Zion. Quest For Fire is expected to premiere the roll out single from the new LP “in the future.” Stay tuned.

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