Pic-Nic Village - an alternative to Facebook?

Interesting announcement today regarding a new social network that could offer a privacy-preserving alternative to the Facebook behemoth. Backed by Pete Lawrence (who previously launched the Cooking Vinyl record label and the Big Chill Festival - see there's the music link!), the site will drop the need for ad-driven funding by instead asking users to pay a subscription in return for part ownership of the site as a whole. This change of financial model means that the site owners won't be selling every minutae of their users lives to advertisers.

It's an interesting concept - will it work? Who knows, it's a pretty untested way of working; especially when there isn't an already established brand. However, the team behind the idea have a way of making things work and it'll be interesting to see how this latest network develops alongside the likes of Apple's Ping and Midge Ure's Tunited venture.

Check out the Pic-Nic Village website for more info on the ideas and people behind the site...

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