Paloma Faith is feeling good

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Nick Cave and Kate Bush, Paloma Faith has created a short animated film to show why Music Matters to her.

Paloma's short animated film focuses on Nina Simone and can be seen below. She has also written the following message:

"Hello all,

I have collaborated with my very talented friend Laura Dockrill to make a short animated film about why music matters, in particular the music of Nina Simone. I am so happy to be part of this campaign as it’s all about how important music is! Back when Nina started she used it to make political and social statements that were integral to where we are today. It was part of the jigsaw that made people see that segregation and slavery was absurd and inhumane. She and her peers were so courageous to stand up to "the man" and help make these changes which we can still push further today. I suppose the music matters campaign is all about appreciating music and those that make and listen to it.

Musicians throughout history have always moved people whether it be emotionally or socially and I am so proud to be part of something that has such influence. This campaign is helping to support is the artistry of music. The time and effort put in to making records and recording them beautifully and really thinking about what we are saying needs to be preserved. I hope you like the little film Laura and I made about why I was so inspired by Nina! Lets all keep listening to and buying great, inspiring music and making statements in our own sweet way!

Viva la revolution!

Love love love is all you need. Paloma x"

The Music Matters campaign aims to get people thinking about the enduring value of music and the ethical choices they make when it comes to consuming music. More information and previous short films created for the campaign can be found at their official website -

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