Orange Juice boxset revealed

"Would you look at all this? I can't wait to get my mitts on it. Finally, Orange Juice, the whole kit and caboodle in one sexy box. I'm thrilled to bits." - Edwyn Collins, October 15, 2010

Domino are very honoured to announce the upcoming release of a comprehensive seven-disc anthology of one of the finest groups of all time, Orange Juice. Coals To Newcastle will be released on November 8th in the UK and Europe and the following day in North America.

The release will comprise of six audio compact discs and one DVD that will contain the band’s complete discography and other studio recordings as well as a collection of their BBC sessions. The DVD will contain the band’s two promotional clips for “Rip It Up” and “What Presence?!” (the latter directed by Derek Jarman), their four performances on The Old Grey Whistle Test and the rare posthumous concert video Dada With (The) Juice. In total, Coals To Newcastle contains 16 previously unreleased tracks with another 23 tracks previously unavailable digitally on earlier re-issues.

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