Oasis announce complete singles collection

Oasis are releasing Time Flies, the definitive singles collection, on June 14th to celebrate all their work from start to finish.

Time Flies will span all 15 years of their career starting with their debut 'Supersonic' and finishing with their final release 'Falling Down'. The album features all 26 singles of which 23 reached the top ten and eight of those hit number one.

A deluxe version of Time Flies will also be available which will contain all 36 videos that Oasis have made for UK and American audiences as well as a recording of their set at the Roundhouse from July 21st last year.

The full track listing is as follows:

Roll With It
Live Forever
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Don’t Look Back In Anger
The Hindu Times
Stand By Me
Lord Don’t Slow Me Down
All Around The World
Some Might Say
The Importance of Being Idle
D’You Know What I Mean?
Let There Be Love
Go Let It Out
Who Feels Love?
Little By Little
The Shock Of The Lightning
She Is Love
I’m Outta Time
Falling Down

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