No reservations from Tweak Bird

After making a serious musical dent at ATP’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and hot off the heels of their tour supporting Big Business, the almighty Tweak Bird are returning to the UK

On the simplistic face of it you hear their special brand of heavy, riff laden badassedness, but there is so much more including the thwack of Kyuss, a psych-pop nous, with the drip-drip Dana Colley-like (Morphine) sax squall. Sax is actually played by extra touring compadre John McCowen, who also provides flute, yes we said flute. Tweak Bird really are out on their own, or as they like to alternatively phrase it, “Our influences don't exist. They are made up.”

The brothers will bring their phenomenal live show (including theremin and gong for good measure) to Europe for swift once-around-the-block. But don't expect any eternal jam-fests with these guys, as they make quick and furious work of their arrangements and leave surprises around every corner. They are both pummeling yet subtle.

You can catch a clip of their live show here featuring a nice turn from security too

For the lucky few that found their debut EP ‘Reservations’ we say good knowledge. To everyone else, we say welcome and do NOT miss this band in May. They really are thunderously unique in their bona fide kinship. We’ll be announcing news of a single very soon and their debut album will be released later this year, also on Souterrain Transmissions, and is produced under the helm of the impressive production team, Deaf Nephews (Melvins’ Dale Crover and Big Business’ Toshi Kasai).

Welcome to the singular sound that is Tweak Bird


12 London The Gaff
13 Brighton The Great Escape
21 London Stag & Dagger
22 Birmingham Capsule
23 London Brixton Windmill

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