No Personality Crisis for Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan has changed the first single to be released from his upcoming album ‘Confessions[’. Lee and Geffen Records have decided to release the song ‘I Am Who I Am’ in addition to ‘Secret Love’. Both tracks will be released as double A side in early July.

Lee has been performing ‘I Am Who I Am’ on his radio tour, and also at various gigs and acoustic sessions across the internet, with the track receiving an amazing response from fans and media alike: so much so that Lee and his label have decided to bring the track’s release forward to July and package it together with ‘Secret Love’.

Lee says: “’I Am Who I Am’ is my favourite track on the album. The response to the song has been fantastic and we all made the decision that because of this, the song should definitely be the first single. The track’s lyrics also fit exactly where I am currently in my life so it just feels the right time to put this record out.”

'I Am Who I Am' will be released on July 4th in the UK.

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