Night Horse sing to their lost souls

Night Horse
New album Perdition Hymns due September 20th

Night Horseare back with their highly anticipated sophomore album Perdition Hymns, produced and mixed by Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Mastodon, The Sword). Perdition Hymns is a patent demonstration of a group that has quickly become a well-refined song-writing machine. The band has chiseled the six-minute jam style songwriting of The Dark Wont Hide You into the hook-laden gems that comprise Perdition Hymns; with riff driven catchiness and soaring melodies that stick.

Night Horse exploded on to the Los Angeles rock scene in 2008, playing their first ever live show while mixing their debut EP The Dark Wont Hide You for Tee Pee Records. Since then, Night Horsehas caught the ears and eyes of critics and fans alike with their unique ability to blend the classic sounds of hard rock and blues music with a much needed breath of contemporary fresh air. "If Sonic Youth had been immersed in an ocean of Allman Brothers inspiration, or Soundgarden had been steeped in late 60s Fleetwood Mac, then they might have turned out something like this. Night Horsetake traditional blues rock, spark it up with riotously noisy flashes and drag the rhythms through an early-90s grunge experience. Moreover, they're cohesive, charismatic and compelling."

Perdition Hymns is a rock and roll classic for current times; a statement of what's to come within today's musical landscape; a missing link to years gone by; and a glimpse into what is about to become.

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