Newport's Legendary TJ's Closes its Doors

The Music Fix is sad to report that Newport's Legendary TJ's, which saw gigs by the likes of SFA, Gorky's Catatonia, Oasis and Birdland, as well as one of Joe Strummer's final shows, is set to close its doors for the last time following the recent demise of owner John Sicolo.

As reported by BBC Wales today, Mr Sicolo's daughter Leanne posted a message on Facebook to music fans that after looking at the books the venue's financial problems proved more serious than they thought.

"My dad was TJ's and Clarence Place is just a building but it is very hard for me to except that TJ's will be finally gone after it has been in my family for nearly 40 years," she wrote.

"I am so sorry because I know the club meant a lot to all of you ... we all have very good memories, everyone different, so I want you to keep those memories and when you think of them or my dad it puts a big smile on your face.

"My dad will never be forgotten if we all do this because he is in everyone's heart, and we all miss him so much."

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