New Stone Roses exhibition launches

Tonight sees the launch of a new Stone Roses exhibition at Proud Camden in London.

Set In Stone: Ian Tilton’s Stone Roses Photographs takes a close and candid look at the band through the lens of one of their closest collaborators, Ian Tilton, who first photographed the band for Sounds magazine in 1987 in front of one of John Squire's splatter-painted canvases.

Through a familial relationship shared with band members, Tilton was afforded access to capture the band's nonchalance in a way that helped forge their identity as figure heads of the baggy 'Madchester' music scene.

The exhibition is accompanied by the release of a photo book of the same name, published by Omnibus Press.

Check out a selection of photos (with captions) from the exhibition, © Ian Tilton, below.

Ian Tilton’s first photoshoot of the band with new bassist Gary Mounfield, better known at Mani. Tilton: “I love that shot right at the end of the shoot, of Reni laughing his head off and John grinning at him, with Mani collapsing in a heap, whilst Ian’s looking at me smiling. Everyone now looked like they belonged. Mani had arrived.” March 29th, 1988

Photo shoot at Ian Tilton’s Studio in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy. Tilton: “So I said to the Roses, ‘I want you to kind of pose a bit like the famous Pennie Smith/Clash photograph. Lean on each other so you look close to each other. Look cool and cocky’. So that’s what they did, standing against the wall at my studio.” September 6th, 1988

The Stone Roses at Granada TV Studios. Tilton: “The Roses were appearing on Tony Wilson’s show, The Other Side of Midnight, a pre-recorded programme. Wilson’s show was at the time one of the only saving graces of Granada Television.” Early January, 1989

Ian Brown photographed a metallic tube at Manchester Victoria Station. Tilton: “The effect is time warphish, like Doctor Who going down a time-warp tunnel with the Roses at the end of it.” April, 1989

Ian Tilton’s first photoshoot of the band with new bassist Gary Mounfield, better known at Mani. Tilton: “They all turned up at my place together and had coordinated what they were wearing. Second hand clothes were the thing back then and they each wore heavy black, half-length overcoats; three were shiny leather and John’s was corduroy. Three of the band had grown sideburns (‘sidies’ or ‘diggers’ as we called them). March 29th, 1988

Set In Stone: Ian Tilton’s Stone Roses Photographs, Proud Camden, 29th May – 16th June 2013, The accompanying book, published by Omnibus Press, is available now,

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