New Daedelus EP released on Brainfeeder

About the Brainfeeder label:

The Brainfeeder record label was started by Flying Lotus in 2008 drawing on LA's underground beat scene, the early releases have established a new sound at the intersection of hip hop and electronica. Now they are going international, putting in place a distribution deal which means their records will be available to more than just a few aficionados.

Flying Lotus had a very simple reason for starting Brainfeeder. "When I first started out, I was lucky enough to have great people take me under their wing and point me in the right direction. I'll never forget it, and I try to do my best to do the same for people I believe in. I know that what my peers and I are doing is really important, and I feel the music we've created is something that speaks to a new generation, so it's our responsibility to nurture and guide this movement we started."

With a roster incorporating buzz names such as Lorn, Samiyam and The Gaslamp Killer and with the next release for the label being a mini-album from Daedelus, the movement is taking shape. "Daedelus was one of the first people I met in the LA scene, he hardly knew me or my sound at all and invited me into his home and shared stories and music with me when I was trying to find my way out here. He's been such a great and inspiring friend ever since. I feel like with this album we're close to coming full circle."

Following that up will be albums from Lorn ("a dark and brooding electronic record that I really think will surprise people"), a label compilation, plus "Sam[iyam] is saying he's close to finished. And I know GLK is working on his album, he's sounding super excited to be able to get some time in the studio, if he can ever stop DJing."

About new Daedelus EP:
DAEDELUS "RIGHTEOUS FISTS OF HARMONEY - EP" out 22nd March (Brainfeeder)
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In this release for Flying Lotus' up-and-coming label Brainfeeder, Daedelus presents a soundtrack-of-sorts to the Boxer Rebellion. What, you ask, could make such ancient history an inspiration for modern electronics? Well, Daedelus has found a strange relevance to our modern malady in these epic events of long ago...

After seventy years of China's opium-related subjugation by Queen Victoria and her allies, a force of resistance fighters - termed "Boxers" by the British -- rose to the challenge in 1898. Calling themselves "The Righteous Fists of Harmony," this secret society of martial artists felt they held magical powers: they believed themselves bulletproof, able to fly, and capable of raising the dead (who would then fight alongside them). And so began the brief Boxer Rebellion; three years later 100,000 Boxers had fallen, their magic helpless against the cutting-edge machinery of war. The British prevailed only to face ultimate defeat, as their empire rapidly declined.

Daedelus endeavors to compose a requiem for the end -- of beliefs, of lives, and of an era. This elegy for a bygone battle sheds light on our own contemporary conundrum: will our faith in modernity be our downfall? Are we blinded by this age of wonders, doomed to be destroyed by our ingenious inventions? Although Daedelus' music has always juxtaposed organic and electronic elements, they war as never before on "Righteous Fists of Harmony," a portrait of a tumultuous era that came crashing to a close.

1. An Armada Approaches
2. Tidal Waves Uprising
3. The Open Hand Avows
4. Order Of The Golden Dawn (featuring Laura Darling)
5. The Finishing of a Thing
6. Succumbing To (featuring Kid A)
7. Stampede Me (with Amir Yaghmai)
8. Fin De Siècle

Daedelus will be releasing his next Ninja Tune album entitled 'Bespoke' in late 2010 or early 2011.

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