MrsVee Recordings treat us to some new sounds

Those fine people over at MrsVee Recordings have just released three more stunning little treats for your ears.

GREG(O)RIAN have been busy gigging in the underground UK doom scene for over four years. Their debut album Dormancy Of Our Omniscient Masters is now available as a free download: just over 40 minutes of loud vintage guitar drones and classic doom action -

NON-BIO is the a new multimedia project by TRA collaborator Howard Gardner (director/animator: "None More Evil"). His debut EP Pillar of Salt is a terrific slice of industrial/EBM madness and electronic experimentation. Download the EP - and then check out the wonderfully twisted video for "Mutoid Man" -

HEMY/ROWELL return with The Watcher, the epic follow-up to their acclaimed debut "What Lies Below". As one of the most popular artists at, Hemy/Rowell's music probably needs little introduction, so we'll just give you the download link -

So head on over to those links to check out some great new music.

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