Monsters In The Attic slither in to action

London’s Monsters In The Attic have announced an acoustic 4 track EP to be released through Onslaught Music on September 13th. Tales of The Worm is the band’s own re-imagining of four fan favourites, delivered with the accompaniment of cellos and harmonicas, making this record a clever and interesting side-step from their usual musical turf.

Guitarist and vocalist Tom Walding said:

“As a band we are really chuffed with this record and can't wait for people to hear it. It was a refreshing approach to our songs and style of playing that led us to give birth to this thing. I think people are going to hear a dynamic and fresh take on the traditional Monsters In The Attic sound. We've played on those classic images of zombies and stalker ex girlfriends in Zombie Girl and Jules but pushed it in an unexpected yet polished way. We had a relentless recording schedule and everyone was burning the midnight oil to get the tracks right. As musicians and as a band we turned a corner.”

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