Monotonix to bring chaos to these shores once again

Despite having the plug pulled four songs in to their last UK performance (at the Pavement curated ATP festival), Monotonix are back with a full tour in September. Notorious for their riotous live performances, it takes a venue with a special kind of attitude to accommodate the chaotic maelstrom that the Ami Shalev (vocals), Yonatan Gat (guitars), and drummer Haggai Fershtman create. Their refusal to sit still, or even leave the drums in one place for more than a song or two, is a part of their charm — the other parts include balls-out rock and roll (sometimes literally!) and a bottomless desire for good times.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Monotonix have become an incredible part of the international independent rock scene in a just over two years. In April Drag City released the limited edition Never Died Before / Lazy Boy 7-inch and mp3 with artwork hand drawn by drummer Haggai. On 2 August we offer you another chance to score a brand spankin' new limited edition 7-inch from the same sessions called Fun, Fun, Fun / Try, Try, Try recorded by Steve Albini.

Monotonix’s two releases thus far, the Body Language EP and the full-length album Where Were You When It Happened? have distilled the rowdy essence of their legendary live shows into recorded sound — but the quest to fill the grooves with the rush that comes from the live experience continues. For their latest attempt, Monotonix travelled to Electrical Audio for some furious recording with Steve Albini. The fast and fun results are available on two 7" singles “Never Died Before,” and “Fun Fun Fun.” These singles are songs-on-the-run, quickly rendered in best punk rock fashion in order to help pay for dinner or gas or whatever else is needed to get to the next town. They won’t be around forever so pick ’em now!

Sat 4 Sept Portlaoise, Ireland, IE Electric Picnic Festival
Sun 5 Sept London Offset Festival
Mon 6 Sept Brighton Volks
Tue 7 Sept London Camp
Weds 8 Sept Leicester The Musician
Thur 9 Sept Sheffield The Plug
Fri 11 Sept Dorset, UK End of the Road Festival
(more dates to be announced)

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