Marina's back!

It's only Monday but we can probably say that no other news this week will be greeted with as much excitement as the arrival of a new Marina And The Diamonds' track.

'Fear And Loathing' is part one of Electra Heart, with part two set to follow next Monday at 4pm. Details are scarce but it's mentioned that the song is a preview of an album track which will be under the same name. A note from Marina reads:

'Electra Heart' epitomises and embodies the lies, illusions and death of American ideologies involved in the corruption of self.

Part 1 is called 'Fear And Loathing'. This includes a preview of an album track, under same title.

Part 2 will be posted in the same place next Monday at 4pm.

Nice to be back,

The video was directed by Caspar Balslev and you can check it out for yourself below:

We're loathe to say someone's gone 'dark' at TMF Towers but it's certainly more 'Numb' than 'Mowgli's Road'. We can't wait for part two.

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