Listen to the lead single from Quiet Noise's new album 'Music | Building | Music'

Electronica artist Quiet Noise, aka Pembrokeshire's Adam Wilkinson, is set to release his new album, Music | Building | Music on 6 April via Audiobulb Records.

We're proud to share the album's lead-single 'Teamwork Is Paramount', whose video is indicative of Wilkinson's work providing soundtracks for documentaries and short films.

The video's evocative and precise film and music combination reminds us of a more straight faced Charlie Chaplin's 'Modern Times'. You can view yourself, and read about the album below.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Wilkinson applies years spent as a sound engineer to a large and well ordered collection of things that make noise. His compositions feature on nature documentaries, short films and albums of MC’s who think different. In March 2014 he was Bethan Elfyn’s BBC Introducing act of the week. Radio Wales’ Adam Walton calls his sound “evocative” and says he “would like to live inside Quiet Noise’s music.”

The album 'Music | Building | Music' is the story of a hard day's work. Percussive sound effects reference the author's experience in labouring and carpentry. While rhythms champion teams of hard working hands, the melodic arrangements deliver the emotional experience of a long shift - triumph, failure, empowerment and exhaustion. Opening with the journey to work, Music | Building | Music pushes on before clocking off and going home to celebrate. The intention is to present a metaphor for our relentless drive for success.

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