Lavish La's Boxset set for spring release

Never before or since The La’s has there been so much fascination and reverence for a band with so slender an output. Despite their one classic album, the La’s are one of the most influential British bands of modern times. They wrote and recorded undeniable songs that are miniature masterpieces in emotion, economy and melodic weight.

May 10th sees the release of The La’s – Callin’ All, a 4CD Box-set that gathers together all of the band’s remaining unreleased recordings, which are being officially released for the first time on one comprehensive set that captures the band’s myriad attempts to capture the feeling that Lee Maver attempted to harness in their sound.

Disc One collects the handful of superb singles the band released, including their fresh, spirited debut Way Out (1987), an unreleased version of the glorious Timeless Melody (1989), and of course There She Goes (1988/19990), the band’s one real hit and a much-covered classic that has sound-tracked the sweet moments to countless Hollywood movies, as well as other well loved favourites.

Disc Two features the best of the many out-takes the band produced as they worked through one highly respected producer after another such as John Porter (The Smiths, Billy Bragg), John Leckie (The Stone Roses, Radiohead) Mike Hedges (The Cure, Siouxsie And The Banshees), and Steve Lillywhite (Simple Minds and U2) as well as sessions by Bob Andrews, Dave Allen and Jeremy Allom.

Discs Three and Four give evidence of what a great live band The La’s were and possibly are: the force that comes through in the capturing of two never heard before live concerts, at London’s Town And Country Club in 1989 and at The Marquee in 1991, which help to explain why a band that only released one album over 20 years ago continues to fascinate.

This definitive set is presented in a beautifully packaged hardback box with a 60 page booklet. The striking artwork has been designed by the band's original designer, Simon Ryan. Also included is a detailed essay by acclaimed journalist and author Will Hodgkinson as well as never seen before photos of the band by Paul Cox.

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