Kick Up The Fire kick up a storm

Out on You And Whose Army? Records
November 15th

The South-East London / Brighton four-piece formed in early 2009, drawing influence from post-hardcore acts such as Q and not U, At The Drive-In and Cursive. Childhood friends from Italy, Andrew and Kenny formed ‘Raid on the Arcade’ with art-student Thom Wicks in late 2007 after working together at a local art-house cinema in Greenwich. Andrew and Kenny had shared various un-pursued projects with Down I Go’s Marek Bereza and Alan Booth (also bassist with Johnny Truant) throughout the noughties. As a result the band were invited to play Down I Go’s album launch for ‘Tyrant’ in mid 2008 which was to be the band’s first show.

On the basis of that show Alan and ROTA agreed that he would manage the band with Johnny Truant front man Oli Mitchell. They set about recording material but after a few months, in early 2009, we collectively decided to reform with Alan on guitar and write a more angular material under a new name – Kick Up The Fire.

In January 2010 the band started recording their debut mini-album with Ben Standage (Drummer - Down I Go). First release in several years on You And Whose Army? Records, the album mixes offbeat instrumentation, influenced by all manner of DC acts (and beyond), with British trade-off vocals. Marek of Down I Go and Alan of Johnny Truant both contribute guitar on the record.

Clocking in at under 18 minutes, Kick Up The Fire deliver the same energy on record as they do live – never outstaying their welcome and rarely letting up the pace. As first impressions go, this is a fine one.

The band have an album launch at South Of The Border in Old Street, London for November 18th with Scholars and Lonely The Brave.
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