Jim Noir releases free EP

A free 4-track EP, Melody Junction, is available now from Jim Noir's website: http://jimnoir.com/

So. . . you wait and wait for signs of life from Manchester’s celebrated Jim Noir and then, lo!, good things come in twos. The first good thing is a new four-track EP which Jim will be giving away free on his website. The second good thing is news of a new six-track EP, Zooper Dooper that’s going to be available on good old-fashioned vinyl and online at a cost.

But hang on, four tracks plus six tracks equals ten tracks equals an album, so why not just do an LP? “The 4 track is the remnants of an album that got dropped on the floor and couldn’t be worked on anymore,” says Jim. “As I started writing more new stuff it seemed to not really sound like what I was doing last year, so I’ve decided to give these away and make people buy the fresh bits. Not to diss my own work, but the reason they are free is because I just think the six track EP is much better.” You see, you gets what you pay for.

Jim may have his tongue in his cheek, but there have been few albums dropped on the floor since we last saw him. “Most of the work I did for my 3rd album became lost in the great hard drive disaster of 2009 and all I have left of it is a few mp3s I sent to friends,” he says. “I now have to download my own music from myself to hear what it could have been.”

He’s also joking about the quality of the EPs – like all of Noir’s work, these four little songs are packed full of enough hooks and ideas to make other songwriters blush. Most intriguing of all is a track named Shooting Deer. “I’m absolutely not advocating anyone shoot deer. I like deer,” he says. “It’s just about one of my good friends who guides me through the tricky world of love, life, and spelling.”

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