Internet phenomenon iamamiwhoami make their live debut in the UK

Joining the line-up of Southbank Centre’s Ether 2012 festival and debuting live in the UK on 10 October is internet phenomenon iamamiwhoami, the multimedia project fronted by Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee.

After posting a series of surreal yet visually sumptuous videos on their YouTube channel in 2009 and 2010, keeping their identity unknown, iamamiwhoami caused a stir in the music press and in the Internet communities across the world. The clips went viral and created a huge online following. A second series of videos, accompanying full length songs and titled with the letters spelling the word 'bounty', was posted from March 2010 onwards. These new clips revealed Jonna Lee as the singer in the videos and won iamamiwhoami a Swedish Grammy as Innovator of the Year in January 2011 and an MTV Digital Genius award in June 2012. The songs featured in iamamiwhoami’s debut album Kin, produced by Claes Björklund in co-production with Jonna Lee, have been released throughout 2012, with different videos appearing on the project’s YouTube channel every fortnight. The full album was released on 3 September 2012 on iamamiwhoami’s label To Whom It May Concern via CoOperative Music.

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