Hot Hot Heat look to the Future

Since their 2002 breakthrough album, Make Up The Breakdown, Vancouver’s Hot Hot Heat have released a steady stream of infectious and danceable singles, armed with a seemingly endless supply of memorable hooks. But when the band began work on its fifth album, they decided that a new batch of striking melodies and grooves would only be the tip of the iceberg. The guys placed an emphasis on crafting songs that added something different to their celebrated sound. The end result is the band’s most forward-thinking album yet, appropriately titled Future Breeds – out June 7th on Dine Alone Records. It will be available on CD and vinyl.

The album is Hot Hot Heat’s first to be recorded in their own studio. It was also produced and engineered by frontman Steve Bays. With the freedom of controlling every aspect of their sound, the quartet was able to infuse it with spontaneity at every corner, just as they had envisioned. The album is overflowing with ideas but is also a focused, unified whole. Each song sounds like Hot Hot Heat, while also offering the listener something they’ve never heard before from the band.

Future Breeds is anchored by the addictive, candy-coated melodies that Hot Hot Heat are famous for, but it also includes many of the band’s most experimental moments yet. Charged with sonic detail, the collection of songs is packed with unconventional rhythms and quirky arrangements. From the dark, carnival-esque feel of “Times a Thousand” to the frenzy of “What is Rational,” Future Breeds balances danceable, pop melodies with an unfettered and musically adventurous spirit.

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