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James Holden may not be a household name, but to fans of adventurous, progressive electronic sounds, the British techno sorcerer and psychedelic shaman is renowned as a genius. So revered are his talents that he’s been tapped to remix some of pop music most eminent stars, including Madonna, Depeche Mode, & Britney Spears, though as this mix demonstrates, his tastes tend more to the cerebral than those associations suggest. Head of the zeitgeist-defining label Border Community which boasts fellow forward thinkers Nathan Fake & Extrawelt on its roster, Holden can count himself amongst that very modern breed of DJ with a special knack for layering the most surprising of records with an unparalleled musical ear. His status as a free-spirit unconstrained by genre or scene is now championed by independent stalwart !K7, who have called up Holden to deliver the next installment in their definitive mix series DJ-KiCKS. Holden’s masterfully eclectic mix includes the first solo Holden single in four years ‘Triangle Folds’, and his exclusive previously unreleased remix of Mogwai’s ‘The Sun Smells Too Loud’.

Holden’s latest mix CD missive is a musical manifesto that seems particularly well-timed, as the dominance of the minimal monolith finally starts to dwindle and the scenes of those previously neglected countries that have been out-of-shot for the past few years are bearing ripe fruit once again. The assembled gathering of drifters from across the globe represents Holden’s personal recommendation of where the flailing scene might best be driven next.

1. Piano Magic - Wintersport / Cross-Country
2. Grackle - Disco (Musiccargo Remix)
3. Mordant Music - Olde Wobbly
4. Maserati - No More Sages
5. Caribou - Lemon Yoghourt
6. Luke Abbott - Soft Attacks
7. Mogwai - The Sun Smells Too Loud (Holden Remix)
8. Kieran Hebden / Steve Reid - Departure
9. Ursula Bogner - Punkte
10. Eric Copeland - Auto Dimmer
11. Mit - Rauch (Luke Abbott Remix)
12. ARP - Potentialities
13. Lucky Dragons - Open Melody
14. Holden - Triangle Folds (DJ-KiCKS)
15. James Ruskin - Definition Of
16. Legowelt - Flight Of The Jupiter
17. Walls - Gaberdine
18. Lukas Nystrand - Never Fail (Vocal)
19. Didier Pacquette - Arwen, Namarie
20. SS Pyramid Snake - Catacomb City

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