Garage rockers The Hentchmen return

From the press release:

Detroit garage-rock trio The Hentchmen have been in business since many of the current spate of garage rockers were still in short pants (and are able – though they don’t – to boast that Jack White started out as a Hentch). In other words, they’ve been cool since long before garage-rock became cool again (even though it was never NOT cool). And they’ve done it by following the most important rule of garage: Keep It Simple.

With only a drumkit, guitar, and Farfisa organ (played by Mike Latulippe, Tim Purrier, and John Szymanski, respectively), the Hentchmen prove that straightforward, fun rock’n’roll will never go out of style. They sound like the house band that would be playing at the coolest house party you can imagine (you know, the one where the keg gets thrown into the pool and everyone stays up until dawn). They prove that what matters most is the music coming out of the speakers.

Their self-titled album is released on Dirty Water Records on 4 October via CD, 12" vinyl and download.

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