Fat Cat Records escape to Brighton

FatCat Records is pleased to present a night of live music at Brighton’s Great Escape festival in May. Taking control of The Loft (details below) on the evening of Thursday, May 13th, FatCat will be curating a handpicked set of bands that each have full approval from the label. Carefully selected and admired by FatCat staff, the bands carry a similar musical aesthetic and fiercely creative philosophy to that which characterises FatCat’s own output.

We are proud to present:

Wild Palms (12.30am)

Currently intriguing, soon to be vital, the word-of-mouth excitement deservedly building up around Wild Palms is set to reach giddy heights over the coming months. Recently signed to FatCat’s sister label One Little Indian, Wild Palms channel the honourably playful musical spirits of DEVO and Gang of Four, whilst borrowing Joy Division’s darkness and severity, Public Image Ltd.’s ravaging offsetting of throbbing basslines with squalling guitar, and Liquid Liquid’s rhythmic intensity. The band have been recently championed by NME and The Fly – their live set demonstrates why.

Here We Go Magic (11.30pm)

Here We Go Magic will shortly release their stunning second full length Pigeons through Secretly Canadian. Expect some preview of the flickering, floating, pop-driven beauty of this new record alongside material taken from their thrilling Western Vinyl-released, self-titled debut. Here We Go Magic
Young Rival (10.45pm)

Young Rival, from Canada, are described by Happy Mondays drummer Gaz Whelan as “like the Beach Boys meet[ing] the Sex Pistols. It could have been 1968 or 2010…Brilliant…Completely blew me away.” This is a band that revel in the sort of humour that would inspire them to use reactions to their single on chatroulette to make up the promo video. Occupying a similarly youthful, cerebral musical space to Dum Dum Girls, Ganglians, Wavves and Women, Young Rival are a blistering live act and a startlingly fresh take on the melodic /brash combination that has survived so many decades of songwriting.

Three Blind Wolves (10.00am)

Glasgow’sThree Blind Wolves employ a boistrous, vocal harmony-heavy dynamism and a sweaty, wild eyed unruliness braced by sweetly melodious charm to heartstopping results. Trailed by favourable comparisons to bands such as Modest Mouse and Frightened Rabbit, reference points are difficult to pin onto TThree Blind Wolves, but the few they have say more about a young band holding their own alongside established greats than they do about influence or resemblance.

£5 without TGE wristband
10 Ship Street
Brighton BN1 1AD
01273 328 439

Doors open at 9.30pm – FatCat DJs throughout.

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