EyeSeeSound paving the way with DVD EP's

This week sees the release of the first DVD EP from EyeSeeSound. Ex Libras are the first to contribute, and the DVD features a five song live session, MP3's of the session, interviews and more. Check out a sample of the dvd here.-
Grab the DVD at EyeSeeSound

Here's a little more info on the fine people at EyeSeeSound:

EyeSeeSound is the vision, passion and brainchild of Julian Bowman and Simon Matthews. When they both tired of the generic, homogenised music being fed to them by the media the pair took it upon themselves to offer a platform that championed the unsung heroes of the underground.

With this in mind, Jules and Simon began to develop and create a web TV show heavily slanted towards the independent music scene. Including short film and animation, The Show is ethically and socially aware, veering away from the traditional presenting style of studio links and interviews to an irreverent anti-presenter style. This was to become the flagship element of EyeSeeSound.

From July 2010, EyeSeeSound will be releasing 5-track “DVD EPs” thus creating a new and exciting music format. Each DVD EP is beautifully packaged and designed as a singular piece of art reflecting the band and their music. They have made these DVD EPs as affordable as possible at £5 and on a 50/50 profit share with the bands. EyeSeeSound front all costs themselves and do not charge for their time. It is about the music and the art, rather than the money.

It is the belief of EyeSeeSound that a new dynamic is infiltrating the music business, a new paradigm of music consumption is being born, and the realm of independent and DIY music culture will no longer remain an underground sub class, but is a very possible and viable future for the production and consumption of music.

So, rise up, call out and join EyeSeeSound’s new revolution: “The music industry is dead! Long live music!”

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