Electro-pop outfit The Blet Project return with a 90s R&B girl-group tinged new single

Scotland’s four piece electro-pop outfit The Blet Project return with their third single 'Eight Till Ten'.

You can listen to this single – a lighthearted look at modern working life and the pressures it puts on relationships, set to the sounds of nineties R&B girl groups – below, followed by details of the band and their forthcoming tour.

The Blet Project was formed in Spring 2015 by Stephen Dennis (synths/backing vocals) to create through-composed, three-minute pop songs with socially conscious lyrics. Joined by guitarist Gavin McDiarmid, drummer Colin MacGregor and lead vocalist Maisie Hutt, the quartet recorded an eleven-track concept album based on Stephens’ personal experiences and reflections on the modern world.

The Blet Project released their first single 'Mr David Harris' on 12th February 2016, a snapshot of modern life with echoes of nineties anthems "that accomplished the sounds of a band that has been round for years." 'Mr David Harris' was played on Amazing Radio, shortlisted for Fresh on the Net’s weekly Fresh Faves, and received widespread radio support as did second single 'The Anthem' released in June 2016. Journalists were struck by the single's incredibly poignant writing which tackle the themes of self-righteous attitudes toward politics͟.

The Blet Project have been heralded as one of the country’s most innovative and exciting electronic acts in the UK and are winning widespread suport through their regular live performances that have seen them supporting Kirsten Adamson, Errant Boy and The Mirror Trap.

The Blet Project will release their debut album 'Now Live' in November.

Live Dates:

Saturday 13th August, The Red Sessions – Edinburgh Festival
Wednesday 17th August, The Pear Tree Edinburgh - Part of Fortune Promotions Fringe Festival
Saturday 20th August, The Pear Tree Edinburgh - Part of Fortune Promotions Fringe Festival
Tuesday 23rd August, Hifi Jam – Edinburgh Festival
Friday 16th September, Caberet Voltaire – Edinburgh (Single Launch)
Friday 18th November, The Mash House – Edinburgh (Album Launch

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