Diagram of the Heart

The first signings to the recently resurrected Deconstruction label, London duo Diagram Of The Heart are set to release their debut album on the legendary label this autumn.

Showcasing the band’s unique sound – one that captures the euphoric essence of late 90s dance music with a distinguished pop element and heartfelt, emotive lyrics about love, loss and life – Vital Signs, self-produced and written by the band, looks set to propel Diagram Of The Heart to the forefront of modern UK pop. It’s an inventive and intelligent pop record, one that demands repeated listens as the full complexities and sounds slowly reveal themselves.

The band’s debut single ‘Dead Famous,’ out 5th July, is the perfect introduction, with its hook-laden chorus mixing perfectly with heavy, beat driven synths. Elsewhere, the band’s ability at writing perfect pop is notable in future hit-in-waiting ‘If I Were You.’

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