Diagram of the Heart are Dead Famous

Introducing Diagram Of The Heart, the first signings to the legendary and recently resurrected Deconstruction label.

‘Dead Famous,’ the band’s debut single which is set to be released on the 5th of July is a huge slice of modern pop music that sees a gentle piano and string drenched opening before a wall of electronic synths crash against an irresistible, beat driven hook that looks set to cement Diagram Of The Heart as the band that will soundtrack the summer of 2010.

The single comes backed with a Michael Woods Remix that transforms the original into an eight and a half minute dancefloor filler, as pulsing beats wash against lush, atmospherics and hushed vocals, whilst the Vegas Baby Remix twists the original into a late night clubbing anthem.

Diagram Of The Heart are Kye Sones and Anthony Gorry.


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