Defiance, Ohio ask for a Minute

No Idea Records has announced the details for the new studio album from Defiance, Ohio. The album is titled Midwestern Minutes and was recorded this past March and April by Mike Bridasky at Russian Recording Studio in the band’s hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. Bridasky also produced the band’s critically acclaimed previous album The Fear, The Fear, The Fear, released by No Idea Records in late 2007.

Bassist/vocalist Ryan Woods offered a brief communiqué from the studio:

“I'm not sure what it will turn out like, but I do feel it is a bit of a change. I think we were a lot more careful in arranging the songs, for example, a lot more thought-out harmonies, some songs have lots of strings, some none at all. There is a lot more use of the piano, a Wurlitzer, and a return of the upright bass on some songs. A couple of the songs are quite theatrical in content and orchestrated musically. In contrast, I think a couple songs are also more "punk" sounding than the last record. We are very excited! I feel like we really worked as a group to make the songs and I think it will be a really good representation of where we are as a band now, for better or for worse.”

The 11-song album will be released on LP/CD via No Idea Records on July 6th 2010.

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