Dead Confederate get all surgical on their new video

Dead Confederate unveil a disturbing surgery-based music video for forthcoming single ‘Giving It All Away’. Directed by Jason Miller (Of Montreal, Major Lazer, Diplo), the video is darkly poetic and features the band being at the mercy of a group of small children (found through a casting call on craigslist). It really conveys the meaning of the song which deals with how musicians put so much of themselves into their music in return for so little. There were some additional bonuses on top of the creation of a stunning video. Guitarist Walker said "I never knew how comfortable a hospital gown was.... now I know why the Scottish wear kilts!"

Dead Confederate are all set to unleash their new album Sugar on the UK on August 30th. Preceding the album will be the release of ‘Giving It All Away’ on August 16th. The track is a collaboration with J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) that soars with energy and a little bit of slide guitar. “I had almost written that song for Dinosaur Jr.. It’s about appreciation and understanding for fellow musicians; the struggles that are the ties that bind musicians together,” Dead Confederate’s Brantley Senn (Bass/Vocals) said.

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