Cognitive Shift shares Phaelah remix of Roger Goula's track 'Awe'

New contemporary classical record label, Cognitive Shift Recordings launches by sharing Phaelah's brand new remix of Roger Goula's track Awe.

You can listen to the track, then read about this exciting new label, which features association with one of our favourites Nils Frahm, below:

Born out of a collaboration between One Little Indian, home to artists including Björk & Olga Bell and Manners McDade Music Publishing, home to artists such as Nils Frahm and Throwing Snow, Cognitive Shift Recordings creates a new home for contemporary classical music that has influences and instrumentation within the genre and beyond.

Cognitive Shift Recordings’ debut release (due in September) will Overview Effect, the first album from composer Roger Goula, an album that encapsulates the ethos of the new label, bridging the gap between modern classical and electronic music, creating a cohesive work that is both entirely of the moment yet timeless."Overview Effect is a perfect primer for the future sound of Cognitive Shift and sets a high standard for our subsequent releases to match." Bob McDade, founder of Cognitive Shift Recordings.

The ‘Overview Effect’ is a psychological phenomenon experienced by astronauts when viewing Earth from a distance, allowing them to see the entire planet surrounded by the endless black void of space. This can cause a cognitive shift in the minds of the astronauts, giving them a completely new perspective on life, Earth and humanity. Around this concept, the album and label formed, with the aim of recreating this psychological shift through the power of sound and music.

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